WizardLink provides network performance optimization software for Oracle data replication acceleration, file transfer, ETL, archiving and backup. WizardLink products are based on high-speed compression technology and can be transparently integrated into any database or FTP application.

Data replication acceleration

     WizardLink replication solution addresses the challenge of data replication by reducing replication transaction volumes. The solution not only reduces the bandwidth usage, but also efficiently boosts the replication speed. Using WizardLink Oracle Agent increases Oracle Streams WAN-related throughput up to 20 times without significant impact on the CPU and memory utilization. Materialized View refresh can be done up to 10 times faster. WizardLink product integration is easy and transparent, it doesn't require reconfiguration of replication environment.


File transfer acceleration

     WizardLink FTP solution radically decreases large file transfer time and overall network bandwidth utilization. The compression ratio provided by WizardLink solution competes with that provided by the best existing compression tools. The compression speed of the WizardLink products is 4-5 times better than that of the fastest algorithms. As a result file transfer over WAN can be done up to 8-10 times faster. WizardLink FTP Agent can be transparently integrated with any existing FTP application including those used for the regular ETL procedure.


WAN optimization

     WizardLink WAN optimization solution radically decreases data transfer time and improves overall WAN performance. The WizardLink products allows not only to decrease WAN bandwidth utilization, but also to increase overall WAN throughput up to 8-10 times. WizardLink products can be transparently integrated with any other WAN optimization solution.